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Abstract digital background. Big data visualization. Network connection structure. Science

Keeping humans doing only what they can do, and letting machines do the rest. 


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Literature Visualization & Discovery

For academic and scientific researchers, Rel is a knowledge discovery tool that uses relevance and relationships to uncover non-obvious insights hidden deep in expert literature.

Users upload PDFs or link RSS Feeds from their research sources into Rel.  By feeding unstructured data into Rel, we can use AI and NLP to instantly extract, connect, and visualize content, topics, people, authors, dates, citations, sources, tables and figures into an interactive knowledge graph that shows hidden connections in your data.

Everything in Rel, from analysis to visualization, happens inside the researcher's personal lab which can be easily shared, compared, and collaborated on with a group of their peers.​​ 

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Data Fabric as a Service 

The data fabric layer is the layer in which humans interact with their data and context is added.  

BESPOKE is a self-service, event-driven data fabric platform that allows users to discover, ingest, fuse, and export multi-source data of all types on-demand.  BESPOKE’s unique ontology services enable the curation of organizational data sources so they can be understood, trusted and operationalized within established security and governance protocols.

BESPOKE is not an acronym; the name means “custom and fit-for-purpose,” which underscores the platform’s key differentiator: empowering users to discover, curate, and manage their own data at the speed of mission and the point of need, without the need for a software or API developers.

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