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Saber is a Woman and Minority-Owned small business headquartered in Baltimore, MD. 

In Spanish, Saber is pronounced “sah-bear,” which means “to know.” Knowledge is at the core of Saber’s mission:  helping organizations transform data into connected knowledge and organizational learning.  We build intuitive and user-centered software that exists at the intersection of people and data, enabling humans to do only what they can do, and letting machines do the rest. 

Get to
KNOW Saber

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Get to KNOW our Founder

Claudia DeCarlo is the founder and CEO of Saber. 


With over 22 years experience in the tech space. our founder spent 15 years in information and knowledge management leadership positions in the Department of Defense (US Army).  In 2015, she left government service and went to work for a start-up whose mission is to help the government “Get Shit Done.”  In 2020, she launched Saber with a passion for data, but an even stronger passion for the people behind the data. 

As a first generation American from Uruguay, Claudia had the opportunity to travel extensively and live abroad.  Her love of travel influenced how she views technology.

"I see data as an organization’s corporate language.
I am fascinated by how people share (or do not share) data, information, and knowledge in their organizations.  As such, I help organizations better understand the social, organizational, and cultural barriers to data-sharing, in addition to the technical ones."

How can Saber help you "Always Take Know for an Answer?"

Get to KNOW our logo

Do you see  the hidden saber (or sword) in the owl logo?   


There's a few layers of meaning to our logo and branding we thought we'd tell you about:

Owls:  HOO doesn't love owls?  They're cute,  they're quirky, but more than anything, they symbolize knowledge and learning. That's so important to Saber and our mission to transform data into connected knowledge and organizational learning.


Sabers, spears, and swords:  By now you've noticed the play on words using "saber" or "to know" in Spanish. But saber also means "sword," which we used to denote the notion of the "tip of the spear." This is a nod to our passion for cutting edge technology and solutions.

The hidden saber:  The fact that the saber is hidden in the owl is a nod to the many hidden insights that can be found in data and connected knowledge.

Moving People
Walking People On Street

Get to KNOW how we see data


Organizational language barriers. 

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country, you know how difficult it can be to get from Point A to Point B without knowing the language.

Organizations are no different. Have you ever crossed the hall to another department or agency and felt like you stepped foot in a foreign country? Going from marketing to accounting, or finance to technology can feel like you're speaking an entirely new language.   From the acronyms and ontologies to cultural and social norms,  collaborating is hard if you don't speak the language.  


Data as a corporate language.

At Saber, we see data as your organization’s corporate  language.  If we can help you speak the same language through data, we can start to translate that data into knowledge and knowledge into action to get your organization from Point A to Point B faster. 

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