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Always take know for an answer.

Let's build a world where

people and machines

can learn happily ever after. 

In Spanish, SABER (pronounced sah-bear)

The difference between data and knowledge is people.   Our solutions empower your people by  transforming data into connected knowledge and continuous learning. 

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No API? No Problem. 
Find and discover data in the absence of  interoperability and regardless of type, format, or source. 
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Move away from data stovepipes towards seamless and self-service data sharing and automation.
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Track and accelerate learning loops across the organization to improve how knowledge is created, shared, and managed.

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Gather, organize, define, and prepare your data to maximize artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.    
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How does your data
change over time? Track
"data time travel" and  notify users when data moves or changes.
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Find deeper insights faster through AI-enabled Knowledge Graphs for 360-degree views of your data. 


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How ready is your data ecosystem for AI?

Saber's Data Health Assessment will explore your data environment through a three-dimensional lens of technical, cultural, and social factors that impact AI readiness.

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  Days                           Sprints                       Epics

Sprint 1:  Discovery

Sprint 2:  Collection

Sprint 3:  Analysis

Sprint 4:  Recommendations

Epic 1:  Organizational Foundations

Epic 2:  Data and Technology

Epic 3:  Communication, 

Collaboration and Decision-Making

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